Monday, October 12, 2009

Chaos and Creation

Not sure what to write here. Effortless Records is on hold for now, and my studio is gone. For those who don't know, I was blindsided by a brutal separation/divorce at the end of August.

It's going to take a while to re-build. Thanks for your support.

Edit: Effortless Records is still a little - shut off - at the moment, but will be back again someday. Studio2 is still open, and of course, Studio1 has been wiped off the map. However, things are looking good to relocated at The House of Bleen. Many logistics still need to be hammered out on that, but if all goes well...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doc Woodland Presents...

Somewhere at Night. A Freely downloadable sound collage experiment from our very own Doc Woodland. Twenty minutes of experimentation, various moods and at various speeds. An ambient must have for your iPod

Monday, June 1, 2009

Congratulations to the Rock Druids!

Craig Robinson
, and Shannon Kearns of the BluIgloos are now married! (To each other). Congratulations to you from Effortless Records. Now stop dancing and come back and finish your album.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Vague Accountants release "Mellow1" single

Free Download, and Also available on CD. The first release from The Vague Accountants. Check it out!!! The Vague Accountants are now officially listed on the site, and in the Effortless Records roster.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pics from The Cam Murray Show at Encore

Thanks to Will Currie And The Country French, Drew Power's for the Photo's, and Spenser Hamilton for doing a great job on Sound.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Basement Champions Vol 1

(erg025) VARIOUS ARTISTS - Basement Champions Vol 1 Compilation (Digital/FEb 2009)

Track Listing:
1. Dog - Eric Welton
2. Dr.Firm - Square Root of Margaret
3. Canada - The Hip Bones
4. Last Day of Summer - Demo Kid
5. Slips Away - Kyle Workman
6. Stakes & Hammers - Hey! Death?
7. Not Yet Found - The BluIgloos
8. Poetically Impotent - Underwater Solitaire
9. Rain On My Parade - The Secret Flyers
10. Shot of Whiskey - Rudy
11. Like Eric Said (Vacate this Place) - Captain Zapoleon
12. Astral Grenades - Observatory
13. Cats & Dogs - Truth & Justice
14. I give it all - Demo Kid

ALL Songs Mastered by Bob Hiltz
(Thanks Bob!)
except for :
4, 14 - Mastered by Shawn Beaulieu
7, 12, 13 - Mastered by Matt Workman

Effortless Records cat# ERG025
© 2009 Effortless Recording Group

Sunday, January 18, 2009


While a full length release is anticipated this year, Effortless Records wishes Nolan all the best in his future endeavors. Check back for more info, hopefully soon

Friday, January 2, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Download Captain Zap's 'Like Eric Said' Today!

[Link No longer available]


(erg023) CAPTAIN ZAPOLEON - Like Eric Said

Black Lion Audio Blunder

Long story short - I paid Black Lion Audio good money to destroy my mixing board.

One of their employee's seemed to be blocking me from talking to anyone else, and strangely enough claimed the board didn't work when it arrived, and then wasn't sure, and then said it did.

I have all my correspondence with them to prove what went on.
Here are some of the facts...

1. After this was all said and done - I found the employee had the same gear I did, already to go, and properly modified. Hmm... how strange is that?
2. The employee seemed to make efforts to block me from talking to anyone else.
3. The employee said my unit was DOA, and then wasn't sure, and then said it was ok. That's kind of weird isn't it? It worked great when I sent it.
4. When it arrived back to me, after they modified it, the preamps sounded horrible, and the faders would give you electric shocks if you we're holding a guitar or microphone. The Black Lion Audio guys insisted it was a problem at my house. Hmm... really guys? I sent the board to you guys to be circuit bent, I never sent my house.
5. The owner of Black Lion Audio basically called me a liar and an idiot.
6. I called them out in a public forum, and none of them would respond.
7. I received lots of private email from other's who have had problem's with their service.
8. I had my local repair guy look at the work they did - he said they blew the ground traces off the board due to poor soldering. Hmm.... you mean it's not my house that's causing my to be electrocuted by my recently modified mixing board?
9. The same tech also said - the mod they we're performing was smoke and mirrors anyway. They are simply replacing some op amp's.
10. If I had to take a wild guess - I think the employee say my unit, and used it as an opportunity to repair his own, which explains all the weirdness of why he wasn't sure if it arrived DOA. He also lied to me, saying he didn't have another unit to test with, but I saw his for sale a week later.

They we're willing to look at it, if I sent it back to them. I told them I was not paying shipping, and duty again - and did not trust them anymore. If they wanted to make good, they could refund my money. At least then I'm only out the board, not the board plus the cost for them to wreck it. We could not come to an agreement.

So yeah - I PAID MONEY to let Black Lion Audio destroy a perfectly good piece of gear. Plus shipping, plus taxes, plus duty. Now I've got their $1000+repair bill, and no mixing board, which was worth $1400. I'm out $2400.

If anyone wants any more details on this, please free to email me, I've archived all my correspondence with them, and can back up my claim.