Thursday, June 5, 2008

ITA Studio Pics

Came across these old(er) photo's today of ITA Studio gear. Ah... Memories. I'll tag these as mid 2008 though I'm not really sure when they are from. The bottom pic is actually probably from 2009 , after Black Lion Audio destroyed my mixing board, because that's the main reason I bought the M-Audio firewire interface. ITA Studio was operational roughly from 2006 to 2009, and met an early demise quite suddenly, and sadly.

Here's a listing of what is in each rack:

Top Pic
ART Headphone Amp
ART Preamp
ART Compressor
Behringer Patch Panel
Universal Audio LA-610

Bottom Pic
Electro Harmonix Tube Pre
Rode NTK Power Supply
Alto Spectrum Analyzer
Power Conditioner
M-Audio Fasttrack
Universal Audio LA-610