Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Days....

Not much to report. The Studio is busy, despite many technical glitches. 2 weeks ago the main data drive blew. (The one with ALL the recordings on it). Through luck and minor technical wizardry, I was able to save everything. Fast forward a week after that, during a mastering session with Hey! Death?, Cam and myself watched helplessly as the other drive followed suit. That one - could not be saved.

Luckily, no recordings were lost. Just time. Lots of time was lost. We were able to borrow Kyle's rig from ITA Studio 2, which saved the Gay's 3 day recording session. Yay!

Recent studio visitors include Gay, Hey! Death?, Observatory, The Exotic Pets, and The BluIgloos. So much recording - still with nothing being close to a release. I know it's only rock and roll - but I like it.

Updated: Studio Page

I think this summer has been pretty shitty.

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