Friday, January 1, 2010


Effortless Records Group Official Catalog File
(erg031) OBSERVATORY - Astral Grenades Single (September 2010)
(erg030) OBSERVATORY/Observatory 5th Anniversary (August 2010)
(erg029) OBSERVATORY/BLUIGLOOS - Split Text/All the Rage (August 2010)
(erg028) OBSERVATORY - Secrets of Memory Man (Digital/June 2011)
(erg027) DOC WOODLAND - Somewhere at Night (July 2009)
(erg026) THE VAGUE ACCOUNTANTS - Mellow1 Single (Digital/May 2009)
(erg025) VARIOUS ARTISTS - Basement Champions Vol 1 Compilation (Digital/FEb 2009)
(erg024) THE BLUIGLOOS - Yours to Discover (Digital/Jan 2009)
(erg023) CAPTAIN ZAPOLEON - Like Eric Said (Digital/Jan 2009)
(erg022) CAPTAIN ZAPOLEON -Ex (Nov 2008)
(erg021) VARIOUS ARTISTS - CJLC Behind the Music with Mathew Workman (digital/2008)
(erg020) OBSERVATORY - OBSERVATORY (2008 rerelease of 009)
(erg019) OBSERVATORY - Roger EP (re-release of 008 Jan 2008)
(erg018) CAPTAIN ZAPOLEON - HeatAches_HeartBreaks (digital/2007)
(erg017) KAPELLA - The Early Years (2003)
(erg016) OBSERVATORY - Polymorphim's / Laught at a Garden Single (July 2007)
(erg015) UNDERWATER SOLITAITRE - Teen Heat is Teen Life EP (2007-july1)
(erg014) VARIOUS ARTISTS - Radio Interview: Drew Powers vs. OBSERVATORY (2007)
(erg013) OBSERVATORY - The Sonic Invasion EP (2006-Sep23)
(erg012) HEY! DEATH? - Ze Bastard synthetics EP (2005-dec)
(erg011) PSEUDO STAR - PSEUDO STAR Live at Dresden Arena (DVD/2006)
(erg010) OBSERVATORY - Back through Lens (2006)
(erg009) OBSERVATORY - Observatory (2005-nov)
(erg008) OBSERVATORY - Roger EP (2005-Apr)
(erg007) OBSERVATORY - Orange Flyer Special Single (Digital/2005)
(erg006) OBSERVATORY - Orange Flyer Special Single (2004)
(erg005) ZAPOLOEON AND THE BLUE MILKSTARS - Heartaches and Heartbreaks (2004)
(erg004) PSEUDO STAR - PSEUDO STAR (August 2003)
(erg003) CAPTAIN ZAPOLEON - Experience the Thinking Captain's Dementia (Tape/1999)
(erg002) WATCHTOWER - Overblown EP (Tape/1998)
(erg001) WATCHTOWER - Watch Tower Hotel (Tape/1997)

(LDCK08CD) LEGIONNAIRES DISEASE - A Chatham Kent Indie Compilation (2008)