Friday, September 12, 2008

BIO: Doc Woodland

Doc Woodland

The Good Doctor takes time out of his busy schedule to send us a note, all the way from British Columbia. Here's what he has to say:


The Bio of me, moi and I is one of something. The music of Doc Woodland is the result of a math equation. A + D = B.I.T.S. In this equation let A stand for the inspiration of the AMERICAN PEOPLE and D stand for Doc Woodland. When these two variables were added together it produced many BEERS IN THE SHOWER (B.I.T.S). As a result music was formed.

I personally think that this is a horrible bio that makes little two (too, to) no sense.

Doc Woodland enjoys:
drinking in the shower
smoking cigars in his room
not reading
pretending he his good friends with Bertrand Russell
trying to figure out who Bertrand Russell even is
and dreaming of becoming captain planet

It is getting worse

So that is all for now and the time being is ending as this is in fact over?

Yours Truly,
Doc Woodland

Ah Doc Woodland... you'll bury us all.