Monday, November 1, 2004

OBSERVATORY - Orange Flyer Special Single

(erg007) OBSERVATORY - Orange Flyer Special Single (Digital/2005)
(erg006) OBSERVATORY - Orange Flyer Special Single (2004)

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Craig Robinson Review by Sky Indian

9 / 2004 Sky-Indian Weekly

Not so long ago, an often overlooked album was released entitled "Experience the Thinking Captain's Dementia" featuring a mysterious lo-fi underground group called Captain Zapoleon and the Blue Milkstars. The album swirled and dripped with toy noise makers and acoustic hum, the sound of bare steel on bare metal, and spacey echo's of space echoes, and then disappeared as quickly as it appeared. It is a great surprise to find it is to be re-released, re-mastered, re-titled, re-sequenced, and another track to be added.

Captain Zapoleon is of course Craig Robinson, who is currently studying Philosophy in Belgium and making music in the cafe's and clubs there at night. Despite a busy schedule, I was able to get a quick word from him via email.

Craig, my questions are few and simple...
1. The reasons for a re-release of this album are obvious, but why change the album's name ?
By the time of the album's re-release, I just felt that the old title didn't suit the mood of the album. A title with the word dementia in it emphasizes something like insanity too much. I don't think that the album is about that so much as it is about some of the rough and confusing times I had in my late teens. This album was my way of dealing with the troubles I encountered in relationships and religion. So I think that a title like "Heartaches and Heartbreaks" cuts straight to the heart of the matter.
2. The new track added to the album is really great, is that an Eric's trip influence ?
Maybe I was influenced by those guys indirectly. Eric's Trip is cool. But, when I put together "The Angelus Sings", I was listening to a lot of Matt Workman's solo stuff. He wrote this really interesting song called "We Should Run". Originally, I was just trying to create something like that with the backwards lyrics, but my song ended up sounding nothing like Matt's. Actually there is another version of this song that has female vocals on it, but I scrapped that one because it was too weird.
3. Lastly, what now? Any new Captain Zap releases in the works ?
Most definitely! There is already enough new material for another album. Right now it is a matter of finding enough time to record it all. It is also a matter of getting all the Bluemilkstars together at once to record.

Jon Show, SurrealSpiel Inc. c/o Sky Indian Weekly

Sunday, June 6, 2004

BIO: Balls of Love

(l to r)
Joel Butler
Chet 'Ladies Man' Langley
TJ 'Burn Rubber' Earndhart
JT 'The Fist' Gagner