Friday, January 1, 1999

BIO: Captain Zapoleon

Following the inevitable break-up of Chatham-Kent alterna-rockers Pseudo Star in 1999, Craig Robinson unsurprisingly continued to write and record. Robinson resurfaced as Zapoleon and the Bluemilkstars with an album titled Heartaches and Heartbreaks. The album consists of material from as early as 1998 and late as 2003.

For the most part, Heartbreaks is an introspective look at love from a teenager's point of view. The ultra-lo-fi recording, features performances by local musicians Grant Browning, and Garrett Elliott. The impromptu nature of the Zapoleon and the Bluemilkstars project meant little permanence with any of the band members, except for Robinson.

The latest release from Captain Zap and friends, titled Ex, contains performances by Matt Workman, Charlie Miller, Keith Smith, and Shannon Kearns. Written and recorded sporadically from 2002 to 2004, Ex describes the chief collegiate issues of love, education, and money. Expect another new release from Cap Zap soon. The pending follow up album, Campfire, will contain stripped down versions of two lost but essential Zap songs.

Craig Robinson

(erg025) VARIOUS ARTISTS - Basement Champions Vol 1 Compilation (Digital/FEb 2009)
(erg023) CAPTAIN ZAPOLEON - Like Eric Said (Digital/Jan 2009)
(erg005) ZAPOLOEON AND THE BLUE MILKSTARS - Heartaches and Heartbreaks (2004)
(erg003) CAPTAIN ZAPOLEON - Experience the Thinking Captain's Dementia (Tape/1999)


CAPTAIN ZAPOLEON - Experience the Thinking Captain's Dementia